Hi, everyone! So, yeah, I've been failing again at keeping things updated here. Mostly, that's because there isn't so much happening here as there are with The Melting Potcast and my Chain Nerd stuff. I'm still shopping one of my novels around, looking for an agent or publisher, and there are some hopes for 2016 there. But I digress.

I'm posting today to tell you about the launch of The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG). This is a massive shared world publishing project headed by the Archmage himself, Ed Greenwood. To keep it short, at least 13 different world settings, all with books, games, artifacts, and tons of other goodies planned to release in the next years, decades. It's a gigantic scope of productivity that will be coming out, and TODAY is the public launch of information. So head on down to Onder Librum and check it out. You can already preorder the very first book in the first setting!

Why is this such a bit announcement, and for me? Well, that's because I am part of the creatives involved in TEGG! That's right! I have two (count them, TWO!) books in progress with TEGG. These will (tentatively) be released in 2018 and 2021.

I'll put out a little more information on my impending books in the future. For now, go check out the Onder Librum site. I guarantee you'll find something that intrigues you.


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