For those of you in the podosphere, you may have heard my short stories and name on the Every Photo Tells podcast. The most awesome Katharina and Mick Bordet have honored me by producing seven of my short stories to date, marking my debut into the podcast world.

Well, on 03/22/14, there was a new milestone. I have had the honor of having one of my Twabbles on the Drabblecast. A Twabble is a 100-character story (not including spaces). They're tiny, they're punchy, and they fit on a single Twitter post.

The Twabble in question is this one here:

The 3.14 Cafe is only open 12 hours a year, from 3:14 am to 3:14 pm on March 14th. The price is $3.14 for their special: cake.

There's nothing like hearing your words read by the Drabblecast's host, Norm Sherman. For the full episode (which features two amazing stories by author Caroline M. Yoachim), check out the Drabblecast episode here.



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