This post is a little premature, but book three of my Deadly Studies series, Luc Bertrand: Assassin's Mark, has been submitted to Amazon and will be available for preorder in just a few days! It will be released Monday, May 22nd!

Now... look at this amazing cover by the phenomenal Starla Huchton. Look at it!
The second of the Luc Bertrand novellas is available for preorder! It will be released on January 2, 2017. Here's the cover blurb:

Luc Bertrand's old life as an orphan is long behind him. He's been adopted by the strange Auguste Fosse, who has promised Luc a special education. The academy trains assassins. Determined to get revenge on whoever killed his family, this school is the perfect place for him to train for his life's work. All isn't roses, though. The other students don't approve of Luc's arrival. He's too old, and the competition for Fosse's attention and tutelage is fierce. Having enemies who are being trained to kill can be dangerous, and Luc is years behind them in skills.

You can preorder it now through Amazon.
Several months ago, author John G. Walker, author of The Statford Chronicles, approached me with an offer to write a spinoff series set in his universe. When he told me he wanted me to write the story of Luc Bertrand, the Head of the Assassin's Guild, I was floored. Luc is my favorite character, after all.

I opted to write a series of novellas, telling Luc's story, and the first one is scheduled for release on September 26, 2016!

It is available for preorder right now, at Amazon!

Here is the amazing cover, designed by Starla Huchton.
Isn't it staggering? I've been staring at it for weeks and can't get enough of it!

Where will this book be available? On, initially. Once more of the series is available, I have plans for releasing the novellas in bundles, perhaps in paper form. But that's down the road.