Hey there, readers. I cannot believe it's been since August since I updated this site. That's a terrible failing of mine, and I apologize. Both my blog and the website for The Melting Potcast have been updated regularly, and I have no excuse to let this site go unmanned.

So, news. First of all, I and my Melting Potcast cohost Erin Kazmark will be at Balticon 2015. I'm afraid I won't have many (if any) paper copies of my books, but I will bring what I have. We WILL have Melting Potcast swag to give away, including badge ribbons, and I'll have a swath of Surprise Hannibal cards to spread around. Check out #surprisehannibal on twitter to get an idea what that's all about.

Other news. Both Empeddigo and Mere Acquaintances are now available on amazon.com for your kindle needs. The price is $0.99 for either. Keep in mind you can still get Mere Acquaintances for free on Smashwords, or you can read it from my blog in its original form. Smashwords and blog links are on the Library page of this website.

Thanks for being patient with me while I failed to update this site. I will do better. I have no reason not to.

See you at Balticon!